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Founded in January 2016, Siten JSC has been oriented to be a unit specializing in high quality software manufacture. The company’s value is believed to stimulate the creativity in structures and cultivate a positive business culture. We preserve confidence that outsourcing is our major foundation, human development is the core and product development is our breakthrough opportunities.

Our Tim model and positive business culture are our attempt to create an open environment where equality, fairness and respect are prioritized.

Considerable experience for many years offers us an overwhelming advantage in software development and platform. Thus, our services and products are highly appreciated by such a number of prestigious clients.

Unity, diligence, and constant improvement are our first concern in every single task we do.


Equality, Unity, Respect and Responsibility
A Tim
  • A tim works as a unit to reach projected goals
  • Other tims proactively collaborate to support each other to achieve common goals.
  • timLead (leader) and timer (member) are the only two divisions of the company. No boss, no employee.
TIM model's benefits:
  • Open, honest and positive working space
  • timLeads and timers expertise to full advantage regardless of extensive experience, highly developed technical skills and soft skills
  • Significantly strong disciplines and communications between tims
  • Human right is respected

Founder tim

Thuan Nguyen Chi


Founder timLead | Co-founder

Hoa Nguyen


Production timLead | Co-founder

Tho Mai Chi


Biz timLead | Co-founder

Cuong Le Hai


SC timLead | Co-founder


Leadership Spirit
1. Leader is the one being willing to serve Be modest, humble and love other people in a tim to support and encourage them. 2. Leader is the one drawing inspiration Speak positively and be helpful, exclusively in morning meetings. Keep the harmonious and joyful working atmosphere in a tim. 3. Leader is the one strictly complying with regulations Comply strictly with the company’s regulations. 4. Leader is the one who is willing o listen Listen and receive other members’ opinions and comments. If it is proper, support it. If it is not proper, discuss and work towards solutions. 5. Leader is the one who is willing to learn Be willing to acquire knowledge and learn from other people. 6. Leader is the one to be a role model Be hard-working and creative. Be a pioneer and act towards what you believe. 7. Leader is the one being ambitious Be devoted to high ideals and passion to fulfill your dreams. 8. Leader is the one who always stays calm Keep calm in front of problems to encourage tims to confront difficulties and problems.
Followership Spirit
1. Follower is the one following Follow to support and assist timLead to achieve Tim’s target. 2. Follower is the one voluntarily to learn Be humble and willing to learn from other people. Observe, actively listen and promptly ask if there is any confusion. 3. Follower is the one being self-disciplined Take the company’s discipline strictly. 4. Follower is the one willingly to listen Actively listen and receive comments from other members. 5. Follower is the one believing Have confidence in timLead and follow despite having different opinions. 6. Follower is the one being of assistance Support the other Timers. 7. Follower is the one drawing inspiration Work hard, creatively, carefully and responsibly. 8. Follower is the one nurturing ambition Work and learn hard to be a strong and visionary timLead. Growing up is limitless, so are dreams.
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